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11 things to check before taking possession of luxury apartments

For most of us, owning a house is of our dreams is one of the desires that we want to fulfill, given the fact that it makes us feel secure in a space that we own with our hard-earned money. The satisfaction of possessing our home dream cannot be expressed through words.


However, it is imperative for you as a buyer to check a few things before taking possession. It is a known fact that buying luxury apartments in Kolkata involves investing a lump-sum amount followed by taking a loan from the bank. In other words, it involves investing more than half of our savings; hence, your new abode needs almost perfect, if not completely perfect.



Of course, apart from checking the legal status of the land, you are entitled to check other factors, especially the apartment specifications that will tune-in with your requirements. Hence, apart from checking location, possession date and price, here are the set of other parameters that requires your attention before purchasing the new flats in Kolkata.


Your Set of Checklist before Stepping into Your New Abode


Apartment Dimensions

Before you take the possession of your luxury apartment in Kolkata, check the dimensions of all the rooms and utility spaces. Ensure that the approved plan that was decided at the time of booking is mentioned in the agreement. At times, it is found that the dimensions differ by 2-4 inches from the approved plan. Also, check the carpet area rather than the super-built-up area. The super-built up area includes the space in the corridor area apart from the apartment space. The carpet area, on the other hand, includes the size enclosed within the walls of the apartment. Hence, the carpet area is always 30% less than that of the super-built up area, which why get your facts clear regarding the same before buying a new apartment.


Quality of Doors & Windows

After checking the apartment space, comes the task of focussing on doors and windows as they are the most important part in an apartment. Proper ventilation via appropriate placement of doors and windows gives rise to the comfort quotient in an apartment. Hence, check the doors and windows as it should tally with the specification mentioned in the agreement. Check the placement as well, especially for the windows that give rise to proper ventilation. Apart from that, check the doorknobs and locks as they should work properly.

For example, when it comes to proper ventilation, Flora Fountain, the EM Bypass residential project stands out from the rest. With spacious apartment infused with 3-4 open sides, treat your days with a smooth circulation of natural air along with penetration natural light in every room. Also, check whether the windows are provided with a mosquito net as it is a common feature for most of the modern apartments.


Wall Paints

Check whether the walls of your new apartment are properly painted or not. Each and every room along with the utility space should have a double coat of synthetic enamel paint with no visible patches. To check this, just run your hand on the walls to feel the smoothness. Also, the window and the balcony grills should be uniformly painted.



The quality of fittings in a way defines the lifestyle that you will lead in your new abode. While checking out the flats under upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, have a look at the fittings of the bathrooms and the kitchen. Ask questions about the fitting and ensure that the developer is using the best quality fittings. Furthermore, the fittings should be working properly without any leakage. Consider checking the solar water point in bathroom and kitchen dual tap as well. If you spot any leakage, addressed the problem immediately to avoid the unnecessary problem in the future. Ask for the warranty papers of the fittings as well.


Switches & Plug Points

Before getting your hand on your new abode, ensure that all the sockets, plugs and bulb holders are working properly and are well connected to the main supply. Accordingly, check whether the main fuse of the house is controlling the whole current supply. If there is a provision of an inverter, make sure that the main switch is off and the supply shifts to the inverter without any issue. The switches and the plug-points should be from a reputed brand with a proper warranty period. Also, check the quality of the miniature circuit breaker.


Cracks Not Allowed

Nothing is worse than your new abode welcoming you with cracks on the wall. Make sure that there are no cracks whatsoever. If you spot one, have a word with the builder and get it mended before stepping inside the new condo. Alternatively, the ceiling and the floor should be devoid of cracks.

The upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are making sure to check such factors and welcome you in your new home tuning in well with your dream abode.


Drainage Outlets

Like cracked walls, clogged outlets are equally nor acceptable. Hence, consider checking all the drainage outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, utility spaces, etc. before taking possession of the flat. The flats in South Kolkata make sure to provide with unparalleled drainage outlet, thereby making your lifestyle a step easier.



This is one of the most important features that you should check if you are intending to lead a lifestyle infused with comfort and style. While the developers end up promising with a plethora of facilities and amenities, a few end up with providing all the features. So before taking possession, ensure that these amenities are made available as per the agreement. Builders like Alcove Realty make sure to fulfill their promises, be it the flats in Serampore, Hooghly region or flats in South Kolkata. They meticulously chalk out the design of their flats, addressing the requirements of the buyers, thereby providing well-rounded luxury apartments in Kolkata.


Lifts & Common Area

The lifts provided in an upcoming residential project in Kolkata must come from a reputed company. Generally, brands like SCHINDLER, OTIS or KONE are known to provide the best quality lifts. are preferred. Similarly, check the common area like lobby, staircase, etc. and ensures that they are well-built and strong.


Power Backup

Whether it is a ready to move-in flat or upcoming residential project in Kolkata, it is necessary to provide power backup for multi-storeyed buildings. It will facilitate a smooth and continuous functioning of lifts, water supply, and other essential services.


Get the Set of Keys

Finally, comes the time when you should get the set of keys that you are entitled to get. It is crucial for the security of your apartment. If any key is left with the construction or builder, make sure to get your hands on them before shifting to your new condo.

Hence, these are the factors that you as a buyer must consider before getting the your new luxury apartment in Kolkata. How many of these factors do you check? If you have been missing on this task, it is about time you get your work done right. A little homework can provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.

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