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ac apartment to book flats in south kolkata near tollygunge

Well-known builders in real estate have developed their residential projects in specific locations in order to derive the advantages of the area. Construction of flyovers and new metro stations are also adding substantial factors that influence choices of residence.

Whether it facilitates connectivity or has good provisions for health and education is a big determinant of the project. The quality of the amenities that are offered is also rising with each project.


Prices are becoming more attractive and budgets are kept in mind by certain developers. For instance, Alcove’s New Kolkata is one such residential project that boasts affordable living in riverside apartments. It caters to the budget of potential buyers without losing any features of modern housing.


These factors add as vital points to buyers and builders are meticulously developing projects keeping them in mind. This creates a favorable position for buyers and investors alike. As a result of this tremendous growth, there is no better time to invest in real estate in Kolkata.


Why Not Choose Flats for Sale in South Kolkata?



Being acquainted with the region beforehand lends a big advantage to your purchasing decision.


South Kolkata is a region that has garnered a good amount of attention in terms of housing. With the Tollygunge metro station at hand, there is a huge transportation advantage to daily commuters. One can find a remarkable set of advantages as well.


South Kolkata is also home to the Bengali film industry (or Tollywood). You can also find a good supply of entertainment centers, showrooms, medical facilities, and educational institutions. It also houses the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, known for its majestic view of greenery.


With Tower 5, you can wake up every day to this stunning scenery.


Alcove Tower 5’s AC Apartments in Tollygunge


Taking full advantage of the region, Alcove has decided to lay its roots in the area of South Kolkata. With Alcove Tower 5, one can experience a high-class life amidst the good advantages that Tollygunge brings.


Encompassing 10 acres of land, Alcove Tower 5 provides some of the best commercial facilities that promote a modern lifestyle. With marvelous benefits inside and outside these residential flats in Tollygunge, experience the full joy of living in South Kolkata. Available in categories of 3 and 4 BHK, experience spacious living with an abundance of joy.


Alcove Tower 5 Provides an Upscale Life in the South of the City


This residential complex stands out as of the ideal choices of residence. This is due to the various merits it possesses.


Location Advantages:


Situated near Mahatma Gandhi, Tollygunge, these AC apartments are endowed with a wondrous set of benefits with regard to its location.




Surrounded by good schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and entertainment zones, this area is no way lacking. In the vicinity of Tollygunge, you can be assured of complete convenience. You can find the following near Alcove Tower 5:


Educational institutions: GD Birla, Future Foundation and South City International

Entertainment centers: South City Mall and Lake Mall

Health care facilities: MR Bangur, RSV and BP Poddar


These flats for sale in South Kolkata facilitate a lifestyle fit for maximum comfort. With all these placed in close proximity, you can find all that you need near these flats for sale in South Kolkata.


Transport Connectivity:


Whether commuting for occupational or educational purposes, there should be a smooth system that enables seamless connectivity. Alcove Tower 5 has a superb transport network over rail and road.



These flats in Tollygunge are blessed due to its proximity to the metro station. This allows one to travel hassle-free from New Garia as far as Dum Dum. Other mediums such as Ubers and auto rickshaws and also available in plenty.


Amenities Offered by Alcove Tower 5:


The highlight of any residential project is its quality of amenities. These AC apartments are home to some of the most modern facilities that come with housing. Alcove Tower 5 will leave you surprised with its jaw-dropping amenities:


·         Swimming pool (with a separate pool for kids)

·         Huge landscaped waterbody and garden

·         Community hall

·         Gym and jogging track

·         Home theatre

·         Play area reserved for children

·         Steam & jacuzzi

·         Library and reading space

·         Indoor games room

·         AC apartments and spaces


Specification of Flats:


These flats for sale in South Kolkata come in two broad categories of 3 and 4 BHK apartments for optimum living with a blissful space. Apartments also have a grand view of the lush greenery of the Tolly Golf Club. Every inch of these south-facing flats is embellished and designed to allow ventilation and fresh breeze.




Here are the Specifications of these flats in Tollygunge:



Built up area: 1276 – 1342 sq. ft.


Super built up area: 1659 – 1745 sq. ft.


Built up area: 1549 sq. ft.


Super built up area: 2013 sq. ft.


Each flat is created to facilitate families of all sizes. Each individual desires an appropriate living space to himself/herself, and that is precisely what Tower 5 delivers. With a peaceful ambiance filled with happy families, a residential apartment in the south of the city is a wise decision.


Alcove Tower 5 satisfies the prerequisites of transport, nearby facilities, amenities, as well as the flats themselves. Thus, their flats for sale in South Kolkata are definitely a catch in the city of Kolkata.

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