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apartment to book 3 bhk flats in south kolkata near tollygunge

Even if the price seems high, even if the distance seems far, everyone is searching for the perfect home. What if we tell you that it does not have to be that way? Why not have the best of both worlds?


You can have your cake and eat it too. If you happen to be searching for 3 bhk flats in South Kolkata with top-notch facilities, you surely will not regret reading this.


A housing complex in South Kolkata should be able to satisfy your thirst for perfection and luxury. It should be able to properly accommodate your family as well as cater to your housing needs. Of course, there should be the existence of a good transport route as well as good facilities nearby to aid in fulfilling your requirements outside the residence. Furthermore, within the premises there should be well-maintained provisions for all age groups. There are flats in Tollygunge that do fit these specifications.


Alcove Tower 5 is the solution to your problems.




What does Tower 5 offer that others don’t?




Some flats in Tollygunge try to offer housing facilities to the best of their capacity. Tower 5 crosses that by leaps and bounds - it successfully provides a tailor-made and contemporary lifestyle that most dream of living. Equipped with all the modern necessities, it comes with fully furnished flats that are in categories of 4 and 3bhk flats in South Kolkata for a spacious living. Some of these necessities come to you with added benefits like -


·         Air-conditioned flats

·         Play area for children

·         Huge landscaped waterbody and garden

·         Water filtration plant


However, Tower 5 gives a modern take of basic necessities. Life needs to be lived to the fullest extent. In that sense, you could say that everyday life at Tower 5 is considered living. This magnificent housing complex in South Kolkata is designed to give you convenience mixed with a life of grandeur. While upholding a high standard of living, the residents are blessed with some the advantages and good fortune of Tower 5.


What amenities do I get at Alcove Tower 5?


·         Swimming Pool, along with a pool for kids

·         Community Hall

·         Steam & Jacuzzi

·         Home Theatre

·         Library

·         Indoor Games Room

·         Gym and jogging track


As pointed out, these features not only reflect a good life but also, a life filled with happiness and content. Each of these are meant primarily for a family, because let’s face it – happiness means nothing if not shared with the people you love. Ranging from an air-conditioned indoor games room to a large home theatre, you and your family can enjoy everything together that Alcove Tower 5 has to offer.


Alcove Tower 5 takes great pride in the happiness it offers to its residents. However, it also takes measures in regards to safety and security. In terms of environmental safety, there are introductions of solar-powered lighting in a few areas as well as rain water harvesting. With regards to safety of the residents, there is 24/7 CCTV surveillance across all areas. Also, there is a 24/7 power back up so that nobody has to live in the dark. You will also find a video door phone to enable safety from strangers. There is also an intercom facility that allows you to have communication in case of emergency. 


All this sounds fantastic! But how do I travel from here?


People need to go out once in a while for a change of air or to fulfil educational or professional requirements. This requires a proper transportation route as well as good mediums to carry one to other parts of the city. This housing complex in South Kolkata offers an undue advantage on this front as well –




Tollygunge is provided with the gift of the metro connection. From Kudghat metro station and Tollygunge metro station, one can travel to places such as Dum Dum without the humongous cost involved. Further, buses and auto rickshaws run in plenty around the area with no shortage of cabs.


It's settled then! But what’s nearby?



Every location needs to have a good network of institutions that can be easily accessed. Easy access to important places is always needed, especially when prices of fuel are constantly on the rise. Near Tower 5, you can find institutions that will meet your requirements -


·         Educational institutions such as GD Birla and South City International

·         Health care Facilities such as MR Bangur, RSV and BP Poddar

·         Entertainment zones such as South City Mall and Lake Mall


You can find flats based on your specifications with all these advantages at hand. People normally prefer a 3 BHK residential apartments since they serve the same function of housing with abundant space, with relatively less pricing than the 4bhk category. The 3bhk flats happen to be the most popular of the lot, possessing a super built-up space of 1659 - 1745 sq.ft. But then again, that depends on you and your family after all.


Thus, Tower 5 is made to suit your needs and requirements. All it needs is your happiness.

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