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apartments by alcove realty are ready for sale in kolkata

Kolkata used to have a reputation of being the perfect retirement city for people to move to when they wanted to kick back and enjoy their days. It is well known for its food, its safety, and its amicable population which is what attracted individuals to spend their golden years in the city. This notion was further reinforced when the younger population in the city kept gravitating to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. This was due to the lack of opportunities in the city for the youngsters. However, now with big companies coming and creating a base of operations in the city, many are now staying instead of leaving. There is now a growing movement towards Kolkata as a city to work and thrive in. Which has, therefore, led to a rising need for apartments for sale in Kolkata.


The younger property buyers, however, are no longer content with the identical buildings and layout plans which have become the norm in Kolkata. Alcove Realty based in Kolkata, West Bengal is a real estate company which has successfully risen from the hordes of real estate companies in the city and created some of the best apartments for sale in Kolkata.


What makes Alcove Realty Properties Special?



The founder of Alcove Realty in Kolkata, West Bengal - Shri Amar Nath Shroff foresaw the potential of the city and the ensuing demand for more advanced and innovative flats. His company has created a number of apartments in Kolkata for sale, which have been outfitted with the best amenities while also being conveniently located. As they are also very affordable, it is difficult to find a reason to not buy one of their properties.


Take a look at some of the properties Alcove Realty, Kolkata has made and see why this real estate company is the most exceptional developer  in Kolkata.


New Kolkata - Flats in Serampore


Are you searching for a compromise between the conveniences of the city and peace of a smaller town? New Kolkata is the perfect choice for you in this case. It is built in the greater Kolkata area which takes you away from the noise of the city and gives you the peace of quiet nature. Here are its main characteristics.


# Located in Serampore on the banks of the Ganges, homeowners get a view which can’t be found anywhere else


# It has its own ferry services to help daily commuters bypass the traffic on the roads.


# It is exceptionally connected by rail, road, metro, and river.


# Has many open spaces such as parks, jogging tracks, and a promenade.


# Amenities like pools, gyms, a games room, a reading room and many more to help dwellers lives a well rounded life.


Flora Fountain - Flats in Topsia


Found in the fastest developing region of Kolkata, Flora Fountain is positioned in the best area. As it is in Topsia, its homeowners are in convenient proximity to the newer developing regions of Salt Lake and Rajarhat as well as to the older established Park street and Park Circus. Here are its main characteristics.


# It’s got 5 types of pools. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there promises to be something to suit your swimming needs.


# Overlooks the water bodies found in the area and is open on many sides. This will give their owners the rare view of nature thriving in the city.


# It is a gold rated green building by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This means that its occupants are taking eco friendly measures and are creating a sustainable future.


# Presence of unique safety features such as an Audio-visual intercom system


Alcove Tower 5 - Flats in Tollygunge


Alcove Tower 5 features the most singular and unique view in the city - the Tolly club golf fields with its flats near Tollygunge in South Kolkata. This property has been built in one of the most prestigious areas in the city and is outfitted with the best amenities and facilities. Here are its main characteristics.


# Well connected via 2 metros - Kudhghat and Tollygunge


# Has a mini-theatre and a reading room for those who have varied interests.


# A multipurpose court for sport enthusiasts and children to play in


# Advanced safety features such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance and a video door phone along with an intercom facility.


Alcove Regency


Unlike many flats located in central Kolkata, Alcove Regency is spread over 70  cottahs of land - this is luxury! Its conveniently close to the daily necessities like school, hospitals, colleges, entertainment centres and the like. Here are its main characteristics.


# A swimming pool and gym for homeowners who need to work off the stress of the day by exercising.


# Advanced security features like 24/7 CCTV surveillance, audio-visual intercom system, and a security and maintenance on the grounds.


# There are fire-safety measures alongside fire-fighting aids.


# Indoor games room and a community hall


So, if you are searching for apartments for sale in Kolkata, then these apartments are the perfect choice. Don't worry about the prices as these are extremely affordable especially when the many amenities and facilities are calculated into the price. These apartment will be exactly what you would want to call home.

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