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avail flats in south kolkata with the benefits of tollygunge club

Originating in the year 1895, the Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, enjoys a distinct place in the heart of the city. This Club spreads over 100 acres of land that caters to the recreational needs of its members. Designed to promote all manner of sports, one can find facilities for tennis, squash, swimming, horse-riding, indoor games, etc. Comprising of banquet halls and extensive grounds, it is a haven for those who relish in the pride of a true country club.




Its members are greeted by a diverse collection of flora and fauna on the premises. Carrying along the virtues of nature, the members of the Tollygunge Club, Kolkata can also be presented with a professional gym, indoor games room, a well-furnished library, salon, and many other such provisions. With these at hand, there are always developments happening inside the Club with the introduction of new facilities.


If one is searching for flats for sale in South Kolkata, occupying a residence near this Club is without a doubt a huge advantage to many. However, why not build a home in the southern part of the city with similar provisions for residents?


With a focus on living experience rather than that of sports, Alcove Tower 5 strives to provide a fusion of both a quality lifestyle with all the necessary facilities aimed at recreation. Its AC apartments come with some of the most contemporary features and facilities that are currently appealing to homebuyers. Blending flawless design with space, Tower 5’s luxury flats in Kolkata are definitely worth considering.


Alcove Tower 5 – Flats in South Kolkata for an Ideal Lifestyle




Spread over 10 acres of land covered with 63 flats in total, its apartments are dedicated to those who appreciate fine living spaces accompanied by first-rate facilities. These south-facing flats are a product of professional planning and interior design with optimum space and air circulation kept in mind. Residents can have a clear view of the extensive golf course of the Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, from their balconies as an added benefit to their apartments.


Diverging from the interiors of Tower 5’s luxury flats in Kolkata, one can find vast open spaces adorned with fountains, lightings, and a landscaped waterbody. Mixing the essentials of nature with housing, Tower 5 presents a pleasant abode away from the congestion of the hectic city life. Surrounded by contemporary security features as well as a splendid set of amenities, be witness to nothing less than the ideal lifestyle for you and your family.


Features of Tower 5’s Flats for Sale in South Kolkata (Tollygunge)


Any residential project has to have a few vital elements that make it stand out from other projects. Keeping this in mind, Tower 5 is the product of a few vital elements that support a high standard of life. With a strong foundation backed by alluring spaces, one can find the following elements that constitute Tower 5:


Beneficial Location in the City of Kolkata:


Tapping the area of Tollygunge, Alcove Realty decided the location for its flats for sale in South Kolkata due to the advantages it brings to an individual’s daily life. Its proximity to various provisions outside the doors of Tower 5 makes it a convenient option for residents. Here are the following advantages of the specific location:



●    Hospitals: BP Poddar, MR Bangur, RSV
●    Educational institutions: Future Foundation, South City International, GD Birla
●    Entertainment centers: Lake Mall, South City Mall 


Transport Advantages from Tower 5:


Along with the use of a good location, an efficient network of transport is another crucial aspect of daily life. The ease or difficulty that one faces while commuting reflects the standard of their living. With Tower 5’s flats for sale in South Kolkata come good transport connectivity through various mediums.



Owing to its close distance to the Kudghat and Tollygunge Metro Station, one can observe a cost-efficient medium of travel. Taking one to several areas in a heartbeat, it is the most effective method for commute. At the same time, there are other mediums such as autorickshaws and taxi(as well as apps such as Ubers/Ola) as additional options.


Contemporary Security and Safety Features:


Safety and security are the points of trust within a residential property. A well-maintained system of security and safety measures need to be present for a seamless functioning of one’s existence. In case of emergencies or adverse events, there should be efficiency displayed in terms of technology as well as personnel. Here are the following that comes with AC apartments at Tower 5:


●    Video door phone in case of outsiders
●    Intercom facility for smooth contact
●    24/7 CCTV surveillance and power
●    Fire safety and fire-fighting measures
●    Robust security and effective maintenance


Elegant and Spacious Luxury Flats in Kolkata:


The apartments Alcove Tower 5 are based on the crux of structure and design, which in other words denote form and presentation. Stylish décor, effective floor plans and well-planned usage of space embody each of its flats for sale in South Kolkata. While these come in two broad categories, one can find the following specifications:




●    3BHK apartments:
Built-up area: 1276 – 1342 sq. ft.
Super built-up area: 1659 – 1745 sq. ft.


●    4BHK apartments:
Built-up area: 1549 sq. ft.
Super built-up area: 2013 sq. ft.


Amenities for a Comfortable Style of Life:


Apart from its luxury flats in Kolkata, an esteemed residential project also carries a spectacular set of modern amenities along with it. Being the noteworthy feature of most projects, Tower 5 can be hailed for the fantastic set of amenities it houses for its residents. Here are the following that one can find:


●    Community Hall
●    Steam & jacuzzi
●    Play area for children
●    Indoor games room
●    Swimming pool (with a separate pool for kids)
●    Modern gym
●    Jogging track
●    Home theatre
●    Library and reading space    


Using the southern zone of the city as a destination for residence will benefit many, especially if its Alcove Tower 5 that’s being considered. Across all fronts and facets of a modern residential project, it makes a proud stand in the city of Kolkata. If it’s a life of luxury and comfort you seek, there is no better option than Tower 5.

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