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book 2 bhk flats in topsia near em bypass, kolkata

Just a few years ago, Topsia would have been thought of as one of the worst regions to have bought a property in. It used to be on the outskirts of the city and was therefore neglected by the authorities. Proper sewerage, street lighting, water filtration, garbage removal and disposal were all issues plaguing the locality. This changed when the city began growing and expanding. Rajarhat and Salt Lake became new centers of activity which made it impossible to neglect Topsia any further as it is the connecting area. As a result of which, Topsia has become one of the best developing areas to move into. Since then many developers have developed properties in the area to fulfill the growing residential need of the citizens.


How do I find the best Flat?


When searching for the best apartment which ticks off on all your requirements, it is easier to research the  real estate developers in the area and make an educated decision from there.By studying not just one but many, you will get an idea of the general price, specifications, amenities and features. By comparing the different attitudes of the developers and the properties they build, you will also be more sure of your choice as your research will have gone a long way in ensuring that the developer behind the property is the real deal.


Luckily, We’ve done your research for you!


Alcove Realty is one of the best developers in the state to have built flats near E.M. Bypass, Kolkata. Alcove Realtor is a respected and illustrious company with a portfolio which holds some of Kolkata’s architectural gems like Brindavan Gardens, The 42, and The Siddhartha. Their founder, Sri Amar Nath Shroff, created the company after having built a reputation of excellence in the real estate industry for the past 40 years. Alcove Realty wishes to bring comfort and luxury into the lives of Kolkatans within an affordable range.


So, Alcove Realty’s properties will assuredly provide you with everything you wanted and more.  Their flats near E.M. Bypass in the Topsia region is called Flora Fountain. It is one of the best properties in the region, especially if you are searching for 2 BHK flat in Topsia, Kolkata.


Why Flora Fountain is the perfect choice for flats in Topsia, Kolkata?


Flora Fountain-Topsia, Kolkata


Flora Fountain is a spacious and architecturally innovative building which has a number of features, thereby making it a lovely place to live. As it is in Topsia, these flats near E.M.Bypass have the locational advantage as it is close to both the quickly emerging Rajarhat and to the historical main city of Kolkata. It has great connectivity via rail and road. It is also unique as it is open on three to four sides - which is remarkable for any building in the city. It is also a wonderfully green property with the waterbody next to it, the landscaped gardens, and the water fountain. In terms of proximity to the daily facilities you need in your daily life such as schools, markets, hospital, entertainment zone, leisure spots and Business hubs, Flora Fountain is not found wanting.


What Makes it Stand out from Other Properties?



Flora Fountain was not named so because it’s only a nice name. This property is also a certified Gold rated Green building by the IGBC- Indian Green Building Council. This means that the property has been built with facilities which promote eco-friendly habits and nature conservation. It  has rainwater harvesting, water filtration, sewage treatment, and even solar powered common areas. Imagine living in a building which contributes to society without having to do any extra work.


There is even more of what makes Flora Fountain stand out. The many features and amenities added make it the best 2 BHK flat in Topsia, Kolkata.


# It has five different types of pools for beginners to athletes. With so many pools, there is enough space so that you don’t have to worry about a full pool.


# It has a hi-tech gym accompanied with changing rooms and lockers.


# It has 24/7 power backup, so you won’t have to worry about blackouts


# DTH Connection Centralized system


# A Use & Pay laundry facility for busy people.


# Visitor’s parking space along with parking on three levels which means residents never have to worry about parking.


# A multipurpose hall for all occasions.


# A jogging track and a children’s play area


So, if you are searching for flats near EM Bypass Kolkata,  trust us when we say that Flora Fountain in the Topsia area is the best property for your needs. It ticks off on all our requirements which is a hard thing to achieve. Book your 2 BHK flat in Topsia, Kolkata  before they run out.

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