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book 4 bhk flats in topsia near em bypass, kolkata

Many are moving to the City of Joy as it is improving in terms of the job opportunities and the general standards of living. The city is attracting many multinational corporations and companies which are creating these opportunities. Furthermore, the entrance of several international luxury brands interested in setting up shop in the city is changing the real estate scenario of the city. Hence, with everything combined, the city is attracting more people to gravitate to the city and settle here. 


People are looking to move in with their family comprised of retired parents, the working individuals, their children and sometimes even pets. When you are moving with your whole family, you need to buy a home with enough space to hold your family comfortably. Hence, there is no room for small or cramped spaces as the desired base for a fresh beginning in a new city. The real estate sector in the city is more than capable of dealing with your needs. They had predicted this growth which has enabled them to build houses and complexes to fulfil the needs of the people. So, finding larger apartments like 3 BHK or 4 BHK flats in Kolkata is not a difficult task. Similarly, finding a flat for sale in Topsia, Kolkata or a region of your choice (in the developing portions of the city) will yield you many choices.


The Right Real Estate Developer


When looking for a property, it is important to identify the best developer who can deliver structures as per your needs. Learn about the history, vision, and mission of the realtor. Scour their site, post questions on various online forums, read reviews on impartial sites, examine the projects built as well as the amenities or the features they add to their projects. There are many ways to ensure that the building you invest in will deliver what has been promised by investigating the developer.


Alcove Realty - Real Estate Developer in Kolkata


One such developer is Alcove Realty. They are one of the top real estate brands in the city. Known for their beautiful layout and architectural finesse, Alcove's projects are always pushing the standards higher. With their chairman- Shri Amar Nath Shroff, they have achieved decades of knowledge and experience to lean on when making their projects. Their projects are made to suit the needs of people from the different strata of society which means that you get a range of property from affordable to luxury. Their dream is to infuse luxury in the individual's life at an affordable rate, thereby creating a change in people’s lives by making spaces which inspire them. They have a range of project all across the city. Whether you are looking for property in Tollygunge or a flat for sale in Topsia, Kolkata,  Alcove Realty has quite a selection to offer you.



 If you are looking for spacious 1 BHK flats or huge 4 BHK flats in Kolkata, again Alcove Realty has you covered.


Flora Fountain, Topsia


Flora Fountain - Flats in Topsia


Found in the heart of the city, Flora Fountain is a gem in this region. With proximity to educational institutions, business centres, entertainment zones and health facilities, this project is very convenient for everyone. As it is between proper Kolkata and the newer developing area, Flora Fountain, Topsia has the ideal location of travelling to any part of the city with ease.



These flats for sale in Topsia, Kolkata are great because of the spacious measurements and affordable rates. Flora Fountain, Topsia is also one of the first properties to be HIRA registered. It’s Hira Registration No: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000050. This means you can be rest assured that should you come across any difficulties, your concern will be dealt with in a transparent manner.



Another fascinating feature of this 4 BHK flat in Topsia, Kolkata is that its a pre-certified GOLD rated building by the IGBC. This makes Flora Fountain, Topsia a green building. Green buildings are supposed to be better for the environment and are outfitted with a number of facilities which make living green an easier task.  You will find facilities such as solar powered common areas and rainwater harvesting.


But that’s not all!


Flora Fountain, Topsia  is outfitted with a number of special feature and amenities that will make living under this residential project a wonderful experience. Here are a few of their features.


●    Swimming pool with poolside deck

●    Hitech gym with changing room and lockers

●    Multipurpose hall for any activity

●    A children’s play area

●    A jogging track

●    A 24/7 CCTV surveillance with an audio-visual intercom system. 

●    Car parking across three levels 


These are some of their amenities which promise to enhance the lives of those who invest in these flats for sale in Topsia, Kolkata.  Hurry and enquire today about these 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats in Topsia, Kolkata.

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