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em bypass residential projects to book 4 bhk flats in kolkata

What makes up the essence of a good home? It's not just the quality of apartments and neither is it the size of any spacious 4 BHK flats in Kolkata. What defines a good home is a distinct mix of components that work in their own way to add value to a residential project. Whether you talk about the amenities that are offered or the spaces for various activities, a single factor does not create any meaning in itself.


That being said, one of the factors that are discarded is the location. You might be thinking – “How is that important? Isn’t that outside the residential complex?” Well, yes. However, how can you live luxuriously when you have to travel miles to reach schools and offices? On the same note, medical centres and educational institutions should be available in plenty. A good location in itself defines a high-quality life.


Moreover, the location should also allow easy transport routes and networks for daily commute. One should be able to reach their destination with ease and convenience. Since travelling has become a daily ritual in life, why not get the best out of it? Choosing a good location reassures one of hassle-free options for daily commute as well as efficient networks for the same.


Undeniably, the location factor plays a huge role in the selection of any residential apartments. People can see the pros and cons of their surroundings and these add on their subsequent judgement. Thus, EM Bypass residential projects are blessed with a useful location. Surrounded by advantages on all fronts, one can find several advantages to daily life.


So, the question begs, why not choose a residential property based on the EM Bypass location?


There are two residential projects that take advantage of the stellar location of the EM Bypass. These are namely, Flora Fountain and Alcove Regency. Both strive at transcending the typical notion of luxury to several homebuyers. With several features that stand out from each other, let us discuss these in details.


Flora Fountain and Regency – the Hallmarks of Luxury in the City of Kolkata


Flora Fountain is one of the upcoming EM Bypass residential projects in the city. With a land coverage of over 4 acres, this project contains all the right ingredients to build a splendid home. Boasting of a modern set of facilities for its residents, Flora Fountain, Kolkata, consists of 5 types of swimming pools on site. While meeting and exceeding expectations of homebuyers, one will get more than expected with its apartments in Kolkata. 



Along with its spacious and well-ventilated apartments, one can find fountains, lightings and other features that embellish its appearance. Designed to allow maximum air-flow and ventilation, the apartments of Flora Fountain, Kolkata comes 3 to 4 sides open in terms of structure. These south-facing flats also offer the view of a waterbody for a soothing sight to the eyes.


Here lie the following specifications of its 4 BHK flats in Kolkata:


4 BHK category of flats:

Built-up Area: 1412 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 1882 sq. ft.


Along with these, they can also find a good set of amenities:


●    Community Hall

●    Swimming pool (with a separate pool for kids)

●    Jogging track

●    Steam & jacuzzi

●    Library and reading space

●    Indoor games room

●    Play area for children

●    Modern gym

●    Home theatre

Regency is the second of the EM Bypass residential projects. Owing to the reputation of its builders, Alcove Regency is home to airy and well-developed residential spaces. Moreover, each apartment was made with precise planning and execution of designs along with the grandeur of modern décor and fittings. Spacious interiors await those seeking something out of the ordinary.



Spread across 70 Cottahs of land area, these twin towers try to provide unparalleled standards of living in the city. It also contains top-notch arrangements with regards to security and safety features. With 24/7 CCTV surveillance, intercom system, and well-trained personnel on site, Alcove Regency takes security as a serious matter. One can also find arrangements to handle any outbreaks of fires.


Here lie the following specifications of Regency’s 4 BHK flats in Kolkata:


4 BHK category of flats:

Built-up Area: 1886 - 1942 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 2452 – 2524 sq. ft.


Similarly, one can find a good selection of amenities:


●    AC Community Hall

●    Indoor games room

●    Hi-tech gym

●    Indoor games room, and so on.

Major Advantages of EM Bypass residential projects in Kolkata


The EM Bypass region is a well-known residential area owing to the advantages that builders can derive from it. The projects that have their roots here possess a wide array of benefits to residents and their day-to-day existence. Alcove Realty has used this location as the site for two of its projects in the city. Here are the following advantages that the location offers:


Situated close to the residential projects, one can find the following:


●    Educational Institutions: Don Bosco, Lady Brabourne College, Modern High

●    Medical Centres: Fortis, Ruby Hospital, AMRI

●    Entertainment Zones: Acropolis Mall, Mani Square, Nicco Park, Quest Mall

At the same time, the location also helps in terms of transportation:


●    Sealdah Railway Station accessible

●    Upcoming metro station nearby (Garia)

●    Close proximity to Maa flyover

●    Easy approach to NSC Bose Airport

Thus, choosing any one of its 4 BHK flats in Kolkata will provide you with elevated levels of bliss for the years to come. Using only the best construction materials as well as structural layouts, each apartment is tailormade to suit one’s needs for stylish and elegant living.


For a better living experience, tap of Alcove Regency and Flora Fountain for an upgrade to your life.

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