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flora fountain - the best 2 & 3 bhk flats in topsia

Kolkata’s many locales are each characterized by their own charms and advantages. Topsia was once not the most favorable area to invest or live in. This, however, changed when the city started expanding and improving. As Kolkata grew, the former peripheral areas grew to become thriving nucleus’s of activity in their own right. Topsia is an example of such a development.


Flats in Topsia, Central Kolkata


As a previously outer region, Topsia now has the advantage of being conveniently close to the growing hubs of Rajarhat and Salt lake and to the popular and  beloved older locales of Park Street and Elgin road. Moreover, it is in between the ‘older’ Kolkata and the newer developing Kolkata. Topsia is one of the most desired areas to buy an apartment in nowadays. As a result of its proximity to the nexus points of the cities, it is also a region which is well connected and close to all the many requirements of daily life such as schools, hospitals, business centers, entertainment spots, banks etc. Flats near E.M.Bypass are selling quicker because of Topsia’s many advantages.


However, searching for a 3 BHK flat in Topsia, Central Kolkata or even a 2 BHK flat becomes an daunting and tedious task. The obvious reasons for this is because the city is growing at such a rapid rate that finding such amazing flat with all the prerequisite necessities such as connectivity and facilities is not easily found.


Good News!


There is one amazing property coming up in the area which has ready for sale flats near E.M.Bypass. Alcove Realty’s Flora Fountain is one of the best properties to have been built in the area. But before we look into the virtues of this property, let’s find out a bit about the realtors in charge of this project.


Alcove Realty




Alcove Realty is a real estate development company, who has risen to the top of the industry as one of the best real estate developers in Kolkata and West Bengal. The founder of Alcove Realty, Shri Amar Nath Shroff, is one of the most illustrious and venerable figures in the real estate industry. Having a portfolio full of notable projects like Brindavan Gardens, The 42, and The Siddhartha; Shri Amar Nath Shroff has had a hand in shaping the modern facade of Kolkata as a city. This knowledge and expertise has been brought to Alcove Realty and every project that has been created under the Alcove brand is a physical embodiment of his many years in the industry. Alcove Realty brings class and opulence to the city of Kolkata at affordable rates, while maintaining their high standards. Due to their diligence and innovation, Alcove Realty is one of the top most real estate developers in the city.


Flora Fountain


Flora Fountain - Flats in Topsia

Flora Fountain is Alcove Realty’s offering in Topsia. If you are searching for a 2 BHK flat in Central Kolkata or for flats near E.M. Bypass, then you should give Flora Fountain some serious consideration.



As an already crowded area, when searching for 3 BHK flats in Topsia, Kolkata, many people keep their hopes down as they expect the flats to be cramped and small. This is true for most of the properties on sale in the area, but is not so for Flora Fountain. They offer large sprawling apartments with carpet space upto 1214/ 1215 sq.ft. Apart from which there are a number of amazing facilities and amenities which have been listed below.


# In spite of being a property found in the middle of the city , Flora Fountain is a beautiful project which has green spaces while giving off an aura of fine living.


# Flora Fountain is one of the few buildings in Kolkata to be a pre-certified Gold Green Building. This means that the building is outfitted with a number of features which make it environment friendly and help build a greener and more sustainable future for your children and grandchildren


# Its open on three sides and has the fortune of looking out over a few water bodies, which gives its dwellers the unique benefit of a great view.


# It had 5 types of swimming pools. Any swimming enthusiast, from the oldest to the youngest, will have an opportunity to indulge in their hobby. As each pool is made for certain purposes, there are pools which suit the needs of experts or newbies.


# It is close to a number of good schools, hospital, business and entertainment centers. Don Bosco School, Fortis, Ruby Hospital, Acropolis, Quest Mall, Dalhousie and Sector V are only a few of the hotspot that the property is close to.


# It is extremely well connected when it comes to transportation. It’s connected by rail and road.


# It is outfitted with superior safety measures such as  24/7 CCTV surveillance and an audio-visual intercom system.


# It has different types of gyms and a jogging track for individuals who have different exercise needs.


# There are also measures taken for those who prefer a calmer exercise routine. Flora fountain has a yoga deck along with an a yoga and meditation hall


# The developers have anticipated the needs of parents and have created a creche, an outdoor play zone, and an indoor AC children’s area. 


# The project is aware of the needs of all the members of the family and has spaces and recreational rooms for everyone, be they young adults or senior citizens. A library, study space, and a senior citizen’s sitting room are some of their thoughtful features.


These flats near E.M. Bypass really do leave all the other properties in this area in its dust. It has so many features which promise to make their owners happy and satisfied. Whether you are searching for 2 BHK or a 3 BHK flat in Topsia, Flora Fountain promises to be the dream flat that everyone wants. The best part is that its affordable! You will not get these many features and advantages at these rates. So go ahead and book your Flora Fountain flat today.

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