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housing complex to book 3/ 4 bhk apartments in south kolkata

Kolkata is a famed city among its various counterparts in India. Balancing several communities and their diverse needs together, Kolkata showcases the best of this amalgamation through several cultures and traditions. The lights, colours, festivals – all evident of harmonious relations and true expression of belief in community.


What also defines Kolkata is its imperial roots owing to its former British dominance. Even now, one can see their influence through existing landmarks and monuments such as The Victoria Memorial and Fort William. However, this has now faded due to the tremendous development seen here that clearly overshadows their former significance.


Increase in development and improvement in infrastructure have now contributed to make Kolkata a thriving economy. There are a vast number of schools and hospitals that reach out to the population. Furthermore, with many more initiatives – such as the extension of metro lines and construction of bridges – buying a home in Kolkata is surely the right decision to make.


Many developers have taken steps to bring these features right to the doorstep of people’s homes, making everyday life relatively easier for families. One of these happens to be Alcove Realty. Drawing inspiration from international standards of living, each of their residential projects is created with the intent of elevating the existing standards of living.


The perfect manifestation of this can be seen through its apartments in South Kolkata.


Tower 5 – Alcove’s creation near Tollygunge, South Kolkata



Based in the location of Tollygunge, Tower 5 stands as one of the top-rated homes in the city. Covering a land area of roughly 10 acres, this housing complex in South Kolkata is designed for residents to receive an appropriate mixture of nature-related benefits as well as the comforts of high-end facilities.


Let’s take a look and see what Tower 5 is all about!


Alcove Tower 5 Presents its 3 and 4 BHK Flats in Kolkata


Tower 5 is a B+G+21 storied tower. From the viewpoint of its homes, one has the opportunity of witnessing the Tolly Club Golf Course and its abundance of foliage on a daily basis. Of course, the interiors of its residential apartments were designed keeping in mind the need for airy spaces and ventilation.


What Tower 5 also takes seriously is the need for convenience that extends even outside its gates. The strategic positioning of this housing complex in South Kolkata allows one to easily travel back and forth within the city. At the same time, there is no scarcity of daily utilities and provisions in the surrounding areas.



With Tower 5, one can live a life of ease in the city. Offering apartments in South Kolkata in the 3 and 4 BHK category, you can find a home that brings everything right to you.


3 BHK category

Built-up area: 1276 – 1342 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 1659 – 1745 sq. ft.


4 BHK category

Built-up area: 1549 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 2013 sq. ft.


In terms of flats, its 3 BHK flats in Kolkata are directed at providing generous spaces, which are further embellished by tasteful colour schemes and home décor. For a bigger size and a larger family, a 4 BHK would surely fit your requirements. The outside view of greenery each morning is sure to appeal to your senses, thus allowing a pleasant start to your day.

But that’s not all. For a well-rounded style of living, Tower 5 offers the following:


Well-developed vicinity and surroundings:


For a home that truly takes into the account of the well-being of its residents, there are arrangements made even outside its gates. As a result, the immediate area is dotted with numerous educational institutions and medical centres. The details are mentioned below:



●    Hospitals: BP Poddar, MR Bangur, RSV

●    Educational institutions: Future Foundation, South City International, GD Birla

●    Entertainment centres: Lake Mall, South City Mall 

Easy accessibility within the city:


At the same time, there is the existence of an efficient transport system from this housing complex in South Kolkata. To ensure optimum levels of convenience to its residents, Tower 5 allows easy access from its apartments into several parts of the city. Thus, one can find close proximity to the Tollygunge and Kudghat metro link. Moreover, the mediums over rail and road also offer various options.


High standard of amenities:


For fulfilling the true concept of ‘effortless living’, one needs to have facilities that look after the well=being of residents. This is where Tower 5 comes in. Offering a top selection of amenities with its apartments in South Kolkata, one can find the following:


●    Swimming pool (with a separate pool for kids)

●    Hi-tech gym

●    Library

●    Steam & jacuzzi

●    AC home theatre

●    Jogging track

●    Indoor games room

●    Community hall

For living that is defined by the happiness that one receives, Tower 5 should be the first option to consider in Kolkata. Being backed by Alcove Realty only adds to its list of reasons. For those seeking a home that possesses that looks after each aspect of daily life, South Kolkata is where you should be.


Tower 5 is the place you should call home.

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