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looking for flats in south kolkata? visit alcove tower 5

It’s no surprise that people look for flats for sale in South Kolkata. Known as a thriving region in terms of real estate, the southern part of the city poses good transport connectivity, good occupational prospects, well-known restaurants as well as entertainment centres. It is popularly reputed for housing the Bengali film industry, or Tollywood for short, while it also houses the oldest golf course in the country, The Royal Calcutta Golf Club.


Apart from these, there are many such attractions in the surrounding area. It also poses a good attraction to homebuyers as one of the most suitable residential areas in the city. With all these features and more, why not settle down in the region of South Kolkata with one of the top names in real estate?


Alcove Realty is one of the leading brands in the real estate scenario of Kolkata. They are reputed for their deluxe-quality residential projects interspersed in the city. Seeing the benefits of the region of South Kolkata, they have selected this site for their luxurious residential project, Tower 5. It is nothing short of a haven for those seeking the pleasures of convenience and grandeur.


Known for its ability to sustain a high standard of living, Tower 5 is one of the better choices of residence in the southern part of the city.




What Makes Alcove Tower 5 a Notable Choice?




Tower 5 is a mix of distinct factors that lend to it a sense of command over other residential projects in the city. Its flats in Tollygunge offer world-class features, in terms of its interiors as well as immediate surroundings (on site). Spread over an area of 10 acres of land, it is endowed with the gift of spacious living with all the prerequisites of a modern lifestyle.


Furthermore, Alcove Realty has chosen the region due to the transport benefits and location advantages it offers residents. Offering various options for daily commute, one can easily travel to various parts of the city in a heartbeat. Moreover, the amenities are at par with international standards of housing, providing one with a refined experience of comforts and bliss.


Generalizing something does not make it authentic. Going into the matter does the job. Let us see what exactly what makes Alcove Tower 5 an ideal residence in South Kolkata.


4 Reasons to be a Part of Tower 5’s Flats in Tollygunge


Alcove Tower 5 has the vital tools to build a great home with all the necessary provisions. Boasting various features that set it apart from the rest, Tower 5 comprises the following:


Ease in daily commute


Tower 5 was strategically situated so as to provide one with good access to all parts of the city. With regards to nearby facilities, one does not have to travel far and wide for educational needs or health-related concerns, a major plus point for these flats in Tollygunge. However, while travelling every day is unavoidable, you can be sure to face no hurdle with Tower 5’s positioning in South Kolkata.


If one does need to travel from Tower 5, the problem of transport does not arise. The location has close proximity to the Kudhghat metro station and the Tollygunge metro station, allowing seamless commute every day. The various options of autorickshaws and cabs are always present in the area.


Noteworthy amenities


To truly dive into luxury means is to truly be engulfed in comfort. What better means of comfort than through its splendid amenities? These are meant to upgrade the life of residents as well as provide recreation to each member of your family. Whether you want to watch a movie in the home theatre or you would like a space for your children to play, the amenities are always there to keep you happy and content.


Alcove Tower 5 comes with many modern amenities. You can find a swimming pool as well as a pool for children as well as an indoor games room. Relish in good health with the yoga and meditation room while you relax in the massage room and jacuzzi later. You can also find a library and study space plus a gym and jogging track for your other needs.


Great facilities nearby


A good location also facilitates timely assistance in terms of educational or medicinal needs. Everything you need outside should be available in close proximity. This is what describes good placement of a residential project and that’s exactly what Alcove Tower 5 provides.

Within the area of its flats in Tollygunge, one can find certain benefits:



·         Health care facilities such as MR Bangur, RSV and BP Poddar

·         Entertainment zones such as South City Mall and Lake Mall

·         Educational institutions such as GD Birla and South City International


Grand quality of apartments


Alcove Realty does not just create living spaces. It creates homes for families. Between either of its 3 and 4 BHK flats for sale in South Kolkata, you can be assured of optimum space and top-most calibre of apartments. Moreover, each flat is designed to accommodate every family member with utmost ease.


While also offering vast areas of spaces, it provides contemporary décor and flooring for the same. The flawless design aided by well-crafted surfaces is what defines each apartment. Here lie the dimensions of each flat:

3BHK apartments:

Built-up area: 1276 – 1342 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 1659 – 1745 sq. ft.


4BHK apartments:

Built-up area: 1549 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 2013 sq. ft.


Behind all the fancy amenities and large apartments, Tower 5 was specially designed to keep its residents delighted and content. Its facilities are just a means to promote that notion since happy lives are what we all are striving towards. Without a doubt, there are ample reasons why you should choose Tower 5. The main reason - it is the best option if a happy home is what you seek.

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