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Kolkata is a city that is known for its amalgamation of tradition with modernism. This becomes prevalent in several areas – you can find heritage sites of temples and churches interspersed with huge skyscrapers and landmarks. For instance, did you know that Kolkata houses the tallest building in India?


It is fair to say that when it comes to the sphere of real estate, Kolkata has some of the best real estate developers by means of the various projects you can find inside. Choosing the best of locations with high-end homes and facilities, one can find a good selection of homes that cater to both quality of living as well as financial constraints.


One such example is Alcove Realty. Acknowledged as one of the top brands in real estate, they leave no stone unturned to provide a splendid living experience in the city. Whether you choose among its EM Bypass residential projects or those in other locations, you can find consistency in quality in each of its homes.



Combining the expertise of 3 generations, you can expect professional insight assisted by well-crafted interiors with all the necessary amenities that constitute a home. Keeping this in mind, let’s see what Alcove Realty has to offer inside the vast city of Kolkata.


Taking a Close Look at 3 Individual Projects developed by Alcove Realty


In terms of residential living, one can find its projects set in various areas that are made to enrich the lifestyles of its residents. If you are searching for flats for sale, be it in South Kolkata or North Kolkata, their homes are sure to fulfil your demands of a sophisticated home in the city. Here are the names that you should be familiar with:


Flora Fountain:



Being of the highly-awaited EM Bypass residential projects, Flora Fountain stands as a symbol of luxury in the city. It strives to blend in the essence of refined living and nature into everyday existence. Divided into 2 towers, the entire project spans over a land area of roughly 4 acres.


Here are a few features that one can find:


●    Top levels of safety – One of the promises that come with Flora Fountain is the assurance of complete safety and security inside its apartments. Using advanced technology and updated security detail, expect an abode where you truly feel at ease, away from the outside world.


●    Advanced amenities –There are 5 types of swimming pools here, but that’s not all. There is a great selection of facilities for residents – a pool for children, AC community hall, space for children’s indoor and outdoor activities, AC home theatre, gym and jogging track, etc.


●    Strategic placement – Since it is an EM Bypass residential project, it has the advantage of the Maa flyover along with easy access to the NSC Bose Airport. Similarly, one can find a good set of schools and hospitals in the immediate area.


Tower 5:



South Kolkata is famed as a top residential area in the city with interest shown from many real estate developers in Kolkata. With Alcove Realty, your search for flats in South Kolkata ends with Tower 5 – a luxury residential project based in Tollygunge. Spread over a vast area of 10 acres, it is the perfect way to experience the true meaning of spacious and unrestrained living.


Tower 5 comes with the following:


●    Top-notch amenities – Be it a swimming pool or a gym, you can find the best of methods to destress yourself after a tedious day of work. Not just that, but there are facilities reserved for every age group – children’s play area, indoor games room, community hall, etc.


●    Eco-friendly features – Understanding the need for conserving natural resources, Tower 5 also consists of several provisions that harness the same as far as possible. For instance, one can find a rainwater harvesting system, solar-powered lighting in select common areas, etc.


●    Exquisite apartments – With it flats for sale in South Kolkata, one also receives a stunning view of the Tolly Club Golf Course outside. Inside, you will be met with interiors designed by top brands and the best home décor solutions. Apartments range from the 3 to 4 BHK category.


New Kolkata:



New Kolkata is a blessing to those searching for the flawless combination of price and value for homes. Though falling under the category of low budget flats in Kolkata, this project provides remarkable features to modern homebuyers. Offering a well-rounded lifestyle in the city, it reserves only the best for the comforts of its residents.


Features of New Kolkata:


●    Unmatched connectivity – Commuting from these flats in Serampore, Hooghly is not a problem at all. Expect 4-way connectivity over the medium of rail, road, river and the presence of an upcoming metro station nearby. As per your convenience, you have a wide range of ways to travel.


●    Facilities and amenities – New Kolkata has its own ferry service reserved for its residents. At the same time, it also offers the following - AC home theatre, AC indoor playing spaces for children, AC indoor games area, gym, riverside promenade, pet park, outdoor playing area, etc.


●    Quality apartments – In the form of 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments, residents have the splendid sights of the Ganga to wake up to each morning. Being low budget flats, you can be rest assured that no other residential project in Kolkata offers such a lifestyle in the city.

As you can see, each project is unique in itself both inside and out. Allowing all sections of society an equal opportunity of an upgraded lifestyle, Alcove Realty strives to redefine quality living in the city. It stands for these reasons that they are judged as one of the top real estate developers in Kolkata.

For your next home, keep Alcove at the top of your list and witness blissful living in its truest sense.

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