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real estate faq to ask before you book apartments in kolkata

When looking for apartments for sale in Kolkata, it’s imperative to research before you go ahead and seal the deal. There are also many first time buyers who need some information before they delve into the world of real estate and actually invest in their first property. The massive investment, as well as the prolonged financial involvement,  requires one to think carefully before buying a property. Apart from this, the future of the individual will be made better with the right flat! And maybe ruined with the wrong one.


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Therefore, it is crucial for one to be armed with the required knowledge and information before deciding to buy one of the apartments for sale in Kolkata.  Treat this as a quick run-through of the important Real Estate FAQs to ask your developer before you decide to invest in his property.




Real Estate FAQs which will help you on your quest to the perfect home!


Q. What are the important documents to check before buying a property?


Since the buying of a property is a legal and a commercial transaction, you need to ensure you that you check these documents before sealing the deal.

•    Sale Deed
•    Mother Deed
•    Building Approval plan
•    Commencement certificate
•    Khata certificate
•    Completion certificate (for a constructed property)
•    Occupancy certificate (for a constructed property)

These are some of the important documents you should check before sealing the deal.


Q. Is there any litigation pending on the property?


This question is to ensure that the flat or apartment you are buying isn’t built on any land contested by a third person party. The Mother Deed is one document which will clearly state the owner of the land and ensure that your investment is not threatened.


Q. What is the true carpet area?


When you start hunting for your dream home among the luxury residential projects in Kolkata or any other normal property, you will come across phrases like carpet area, super built-up area, and built-up area. Let us clarify what they mean.

•    Carpet area is the true amount of space that you get access to. It is exclusive of the space taken up by the walls and the balcony.
•    Built-up area is the size of the flat taking into account the walls and the balcony.
•    The Super Built-up area is the area of the flat in addition to the corridor, lift lobby, etc.

So, when you are investigating a flat look, be sure to calculate the true amount of space you will be paying for. The realtor cannot charge you for the super built-up area according to the RERA act.


Q. When is project completion date?


This is a major question to ask your developer. Delays in handing over the project will create difficulties for the buyers when it comes to paying their EMI. However, with the introduction of RERA, developers now have to ensure the timely handover of the property to avoid any action which may be brought up against them later.


Q. What is the payment plan?


Each developer will generally have a tie-up with banks to help their customers with the payment process. Well-known names such as HDFC, SBI, and the like reflect the developer’s integrity. So, make sure to decide on an apartment which has brands like these to smoothen your payment process. These banks will generally offer lower rates as they are affiliated with this project.


Q. Are there any hidden costs?


When you get a look at the bill, check for any non-builder costs which may have to be added. After GST was introduced in the country, the prices of plans like luxury residential projects in Kolkata have also been affected. Other fees like registration fees and stamp duty are also added on. So, make sure you are armed with the right calculations before you come to a decision.


If you are interested and are searching for apartments for sale in Kolkata, we hope that these Real Estate FAQ help you in finding the perfect home.


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