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residential complex to book flats in south kolkata [tower 5]

It’s no surprise that people look for flats in South Kolkata to attain a comfortable form of living. Reflecting the developed section of the city and a flourishing region for real estate projects, the southern part of the city poses the best of all the features which makes it one of the best areas for buying a new abode.

However, South Kolkata was probably not what we see today. During the old times, there was not much difference between North Kolkata and South. Both supported narrow lanes and homes with ancient structural layout, which were the main features of ancient Kolkata. However, South Kolkata got its share of makeover long before North Kolkata. With the passing time, the region got a proper layout, thereby giving rise to good connectivity, great occupational prospects and other features required for living a comfortable lifestyle.


However, Tollygunge is the heart of South Kolkata. From Tollygunge, one can literally travel to any part of the city hassle-free. Not just that, it is the home where the Bengali film industry or Tollywood was born accompanied by the oldest golf course in the country, The Royal Calcutta Golf Club.


With that being said, as per the blog topic, where shall you book your dream flat in South Kolkata? While it is absolutely true that the region consists of some of the flagship projects, choosing the best project is not an easy task. Almost every residential complex in South Kolkata will promise you with best in class features for a lifestyle worth the spend. Hence, which one to tap on?


Let us allow you to experience the heartbeat in the heart of the city- Alcove Tower 5. A project made to stand tall with the expert touch of Alcove Realty, spending your days at Alcove Tower 5 will open the doors to a revamped lifestyle. With that being said, what makes this project stand out in the jungle of other projects in Tollygunge? We shall learn about the same in this write-up.


Alcove Tower 5 - Where Doors Open to a Your Dream Lifestyle



Tower 5 is a mix of well-defined factors that lend to it a sense of power over other residential projects in that region. These flats in Tollygunge offer world-class features, be it in terms of its interiors, connectivity, location, as well as surrounding facilities. Spread over a land area of 10 acres, it is provided with the gift of space along with all the essentials required for living a modern lifestyle. However, speculating a few factors does not make it real. Hence, let us go into the job and figure out what makes Alcove Tower 5 so special.

To start with, this residential complex in South Kolkata is well connected by different modes of transportation. The project is close to Kudghat and Tollygunge metro station which makes the job of travelling from this region probably the simplest task. Apart from that, the presence of uncountable buses, cabs and other modes of transportation makes the task a notch easier. Furthermore, these AC apartments are surrounded by facilities like schools, banks, places of worship, parks, hospitals, markets, etc., that will complete your lifestyle in every possible way.




Next, the project comes with 3 and 4 BHK AC apartments with which you can be assured of optimum space and sheer elegance. The flats are large with a spectacular view of the Tolly club green golf course which is a rare feature of the residential complexes in South Kolkata. Infused with modern and innovative design, the project will give its owners a condo to live, thereby calling it 'home sweet home'. The flawless layout aided by well-crafted surfaces is what defines each apartment at Alcove Tower 5.


Some Add-on Features


Alcove Tower 5 is equipped with a number of amenities to elevate the standard of the living of the residents under one roof. Some special features of the project are:


●    A swimming pool with a kids pool

●    A gym and a jogging track 

●    A huge fountain with a beautifully landscaped garden 

●    A yoga and meditation hall 

●    A community hall and an indoor games room

●    Steam and jacuzzi 

●    A home-theatre and a library

●    24/7 CCTV surveillance, intercom facility, security, rainwater harvesting, solar powered common rooms, water filtration and more. 

Hence, we can infer that Alcove Tower 5 has everything to provide you with days filled with smiles, memories and some essential dose of comfort. It’s a dream property with flats in Tollygunge which pledges to give its residents the luxury they deserve along with a happy home.

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