06 September


residential projects with flats/ apartments for sale in kolkata

Kolkata is a booming metropolitan which is attracting many to move and work there. To meet the needs of a growing population there has to be a variety of living options. The industry which thrives during such circumstances is the real estate industry. One such developer is Alcove Realty, Kolkata, West Bengal. Responsible for some of the most innovative and modern designs of today,

Alcove Realty, Kolkata, West Bengal is a pioneer when it comes to creating homes of elegance and luxury. Built on the substantial foundation of more than 40 years experience and knowledge in the industry, their claims are bellied by the many awards they have won. When looking to invest in luxury residential projects in Kolkata, Alcove Realty is the best choice.


Good news for those looking for apartments for sale in Kolkata!


West Bengal’s Alcove Realty has a  number of projects in the works waiting for homeowners to buy them. As Kolkata’s demographics are fluctuating due to growth, Alcove Realty has a selection of projects in different styles and approaches all with the tantamount promise in quality and structure.


Residential Apartments for Sale in Kolkata


Take a look to see some of the luxury residential projects in Kolkata by Alcove Realty has begun and are ready to be bought.


  • Flora Fountain - Built in the fastest developing zone in Kolkata, the Flora Fountain towers near E.M. Bypass are built to gives its owners easy connectivity to all the important resources such as hospitals, schools, malls and more. Top of the line specifications are used to ensure the comfort and ease of the people living there. Alcove Realty’s vision of luxury for their buyers are achieved through the large grounds hosting two pools, a multi-gym for men and women, a multi-purpose hall and even more.


  • Alcove Block 32 - Located in Jessore Road and Ramnagar road, this luxury residential complex of Alcove Block 32 is conveniently located near all the necessary resources such as educational institutions, medical facilities, and entertainment centres which provide its dwellers with a high standard of living. With the remarkable finish of other Alcove properties, it also has several added amenities such as a pool, a gym,  a community hall and a yogahall, a steam and jacuzzi room to treat yourself after a hard day’s work.


  • Alcove Tower 5 - Built in South Kolkata, these luxurious apartments have an incomparable view of over 10 acres of open green space, a rarity in crowded Kolkata. Located near all the necessities of daily life, Alcove Realty as always goes above and beyond to create apartment complexes which give their tenants the opulent and luxurious feeling they promised. The library, home theatre, multipurpose court, indoor games room and even more make Alcove Tower 5 a self-sufficient and fun complex for all ages to live in.


  • New Kolkata - Some may say that New Kolkata is Alcove Realty’s most ambitious project yet. A township being built in Serampore on the banks of the river Hooghly it offers an unbeatable view at unbelievable prices.Made for those who want to live away from the hectic city, New Kolkata is well connected via rail, metro, road, and (for the first time) river by its very own ferry. As if that’s not enough it has large open spaces for exercising, pets, or jogging along with indoor halls and gyms. It also boasts of an AC Home theatre system and with  a pool and library so that one wants for nothing. It is as well connected to the daily necessities of life such as a bank, supermarket etc. as other Alcove Realty projects are.

If you are looking into dipping your toes into real estate in West Bengal, Alcove Realty projects are the best choice for you. With innumerable benefits and great connectivity it will only continue adding positively to one’s standard of living.


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