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shri amar nath shroff - the founder of alcove realty

When an individual starts on one path, they never know where they will end up.
The founder and chairman of Alcove Realty is someone who can attest to this maxim. 


Let’s track the Rise of Shri Amar Nath Shroff


When the future founder of Alcove Realty had first come to Kolkata, he had come to the supreme court to make a name for himself in the courts of India. Having come from the small town of Deoghar, Shri Amar Nath Shroff was excited to begin his career in Law. However, within a few months, he realized that his true calling was in the Real Estate Sector after which he left behind his budding career in law and started his career in Real Estate.


Shri Amar Nath Shroff - Founder of Alcove


Over the years he created a name for himself as one of the most innovative and intuitive builders which earned him a reputation as a top real estate developer in Kolkata

Shri Amar Nath Shroff was the president of the City Developers Forum, now known as CREDAI Bengal, from 1995 to 2002. He went onto to have a hand in making some of the most impressive and unique buildings of Kolkata to this day.



He played an important role in the making of The Siddhartha in Alipore. The Siddhartha, which is also known as the Crown of Alipore, is an architectural marvel designed in partnership with the renowned architect - Hafeez Contractor. It holds the distinction of being the first building in the eastern part of India to house a capsule lift and is one of the first residential towers to have amenities such as a gym and a swimming pool. This partnership was the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between two heavyweights in the real estate industry. He was one of the chief minds in the making of the first condominium in West Bengal - Brindavan Gardens in 2002. He was also a founder of the Diamond Group in 2003- a real estate consortium, which is thriving and creating some of the gems in the city.


From the various landmark moments in his career, anyone can see that Shri Amar Nath Shroff has been creating structures towards a brighter future for the city. He went onto create more projects and properties which always took it one step further thus raising the standards and setting his projects apart from those of his competitors; thus cementing his name as one of the top real estate developer in Kolkata.


Having acquired decades of experience and knowledge, Shri Amar Nath Shroff decided it was time to step up his game by shaping his own company which would help him create the buildings he always wanted to offer the citizens of Kolkata. And so, Alcove Realty was founded in 2012. A company with a reputation for building sophisticated and luxury buildings be it for commercial, residential, retail, or entertainment purposes, Alcove Realty has changed the skyline of the city. As the founder of Alcove Realty, Shri Amar Nath Shroff has majorly influenced the the vision and working of the company creating properties which are far above those of their competitors.


Here are some of their Properties


Apartments for Sale in Kolkata


●    New Kolkata is a Township built in Serampore overlooking the majestic Ganges. With beautifully planned apartments and lovely grounds, this ‘Town within a Town’ is affordable for all individuals. With amazing facilities like a pet park, a river promenade, a snacks corner, a gym and many more, the Township is equipped with everything you would find in the city without the chaos and noise of the city.

●    Flora Fountain is a beautiful Green Building in the heart of the city- Topsia. Outfitted with many eco-friendly features, this building will be one of the few buildings to practice what they preach. Flora Fountain also has the benefit of being close to several hotspots of the city and has great connectivity.

●    Alcove Tower 5 is built with one of the rarest views in the city- the Tolly club golf fields. This luxury apartment is outfitted with the best in class features. It also has the best connectivity by metro and road, being in one of the best locales of the city. This project also has amazing amenities like a home theatre, steam and jacuzzi and many more.


As can be expected from the top real estate developer in Kolkata, every property has something which appeals to you. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these projects visit their site.

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