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things your luxury apartment must have in kolkata [don't miss #4]

In your opinion, what defines a luxury apartment in Kolkata? If asked us, it is the presence of space oozing elegance, a structural layout defining brilliance, facilities providing an international standard living and a surrounding imbued with essential features. While most of us think that luxury apartments in Kolkata are defined by the features within the project premises, features outside the project premises like location, connectivity, and presence of commercial facilities are equally significant.


Luckily, the young real estate brands take care of such factors/requirements and makes sure to come up with luxury flats in Kolkata that will lend one a well-rounded lifestyle. Brands like Alcove Realty have taken up this task seriously and with complete dedication executing their promise which can be seen in their project. Giving rise to some landmark addresses along with changing the skyline of the city, Alcove Realty is setting up an example for the other real estate brands catering to fulfilling the needs of the buyers.

With that being said, here are the features that luxury apartments in Kolkata must have in order to qualify as ‘luxury apartment’ without misleading the buyers.


Factors that Complete Luxury Apartments in Kolkata




#1: Stunning Apartments: Luxury apartments but not stunning? Does that even qualify as a luxury apartment? Of course not! Most of the real estate brands practice the habit of calling their projects luxurious with the presence of stunning apartments. However, that is not the case and, in a way,, it is misleading for the buyers. A space having modern specifications, infused with grandeur and an exquisite layout defines luxury apartments in Kolkata.

For example, Flora Fountain - an upcoming EM Bypass residential project consists of 2, 3 and 4BHK apartments which are luxurious in true sense. The apartments are spacious with 3-4 open sides, thereby making them airy and comfortable to dwell. The interior of the apartments is beautifully designed personifying the joy of spending time in a space which we can call home sweet home.


#2: Exquisite Facilities & Amenities: A set of exquisite facilities and amenities is yet another factor defining the luxury apartments in Kolkata. Let me explain it to you with a few examples.



Flora Fountain by Alcove Realty- an EM Bypass residential project comes with features like:


●    5 types of swimming pools/aquamarine pools
●    Hitech gym with changing room and lockers
●    Multipurpose hall
●    A children’s play area
●    A jogging track
●    A 24/7 CCTV surveillance with an audio-visual intercom system. 
●    Car parking across three levels 
●    Rainwater harvesting, etc. 



Tower 5 with AC apartment in South Kolkata comes with features like:


●    A swimming pool with a kids pool
●    A gym and a jogging track
●    A community hall and an indoor games room
●    A yoga and meditation hall
●    A home-theatre and a library
●    A Steam and Jacuzzi, etc.  



Alcove Regency with 3 and 4BHK flats in Kolkata consists of:


●    Swimming pool
●    Hi-tech modern gym
●    Community Hall 
●    Indoor games room, etc.


Hence, the presence of such facilities and amenities completes a residential project or rather, justifies its identity as luxury apartments in Kolkata.


#3: Excellent Surrounding: Apart from the previously mentioned point, the position of a residential project also determines the comfortability quotient of the residents. It is because if a residential project is set in a location dominated by pollution and noise, no matter how luxurious the project is, it will beat the purpose of dwelling in it. Hence, the project location should provide the best of both the world- a blend consisting of tranquil environment infused with commercial facilities.


In this case, Alcove Tower 5 takes the crown. With AC apartments in South Kolkata or Tollygunge, treat yourself with the Grandview of Tolly Club golf course, that will rejuvenate your senses after a long, hectic day. Furthermore, with apartments in Tollygunge, expect your abode to be surrounded by facilities like schools, colleges, healthcare centers, entertainment zone, etc.


#4: Unparalleled Connectivity: Along with the previously mentioned features, if you choose luxury apartments in Kolkata having an efficient transport route, you have precisely hit the jackpot.


For example, Alcove Tower 5 with 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata embraces excellent connectivity, thereby simplifying the task of daily traveling by leaps and bounds. It is connected by the Tollygunge and Kudghat metro link. Apart from that, it is close to the Tollygunge railway station along with other forms of transport systems like bus, auto, and cab. Hence, Alcove Tower 5 will make sure you get to travel every part of the city along with enjoying the AC apartments in South Kolkata.


#5: Renowned Real Estate Brand: A renowned real estate brand always works towards winning over the trust of the buyers. Hence, a luxury apartment in Kolkata by a renowned developer will not mislead the buyers with fake features and false promises. Just like Alcove Realty always works towards providing the residents of Kolkata with best in class features in various residential projects catering different price ranges.


Hence, in my opinion, these are the key features that a luxury apartment in Kolkata must have, thereby justifying the term ‘luxury apartment’. Hence, next time when you purchase an apartment in Kolkata, make sure to check out these features to make your investment worthwhile.

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