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twin tower housing complex to buy flats in em bypass, kolkata

If you have finally saved a substantial amount for purchasing a new flat infused with features to fulfill your requirements, then probably we have the best curated residential complex near EM Bypass Kolkata. Do you wish to buy an apartment that will be suitably close to your workplace as well as the main city? Then looking out for a residential complex near EM Bypass Kolkata is the smartest move that you can do as a potential property buyer.


But which residential project should you TAP ON?


Let us be clear, in Kolkata at the present day, more and more individuals have to commute to regions like New Town, Rajarhat and Sector V for attending their office. Such regions have become a hub of 'IT' companies where individuals, even from greater Kolkata travel to this region. However, most of the individuals will not prefer moving to such regions as they are not commercially well planned. This is especially true for Rajarhat and New Town where one has to travel across a long distance just to avail the benefits of commercial facilities like schools, malls, hospitals, etc. Hence, booking a new apartment somewhere in between will serve the purpose effectively.


Familiarize with Alcove Regency!


Alcove Regency


If you are looking for the perfect residential complex near EM Bypass Kolkata, Alcove Regency is all set to provide you with features for a well-balanced the interiors fresh. lifestyle. A project by the renowned Alcove Realty, it comes with twin towers in Kolkata and believe us or not, you are bound to fall for the project at one look.




The twin towers in Kolkata is a benchmark for luxury which promises to provide the residents with an easier lifestyle owing to the presence of best in class facilities and amenities. Being at the center of the city, this residential complex near EM Bypass Kolkata is equidistant from the main city and from the regions like Rajarhat, New Town as well as Sector V. For example, places like Mani Square, Spring Club, Science City, Nicco Park, and the likes lies within the close proximity of the project and are great regions to escape during the weekends.




Furthermore, places like J.W. Marriott and the likes will allow you to indulge in exotic cuisine. Alcove Regency is also close to schools and healthcare centers like Don Bosco, Lady Brabourne, Fortis, and AMRI, thereby giving rise to a well-rounded lifestyle.


But you can always ask,' are the apartments worth the investment'?


If an opulent lifestyle is what you wish to lead, trust this residential complex near EM Bypass Kolkata. The twin towers in Kolkata comes with spacious and airy apartments. The apartments are well ventilated that will facilitate the penetration of natural light and keep the interiors fresh. Apart from that, the project houses 3 and 4 BHK flats which have given an edge to the term 'luxury'. These plush apartments come within a price range of 99.18 lakhs to 1.7cr to provide you a lifestyle worth the investment.


But we are not done as yet! Did you just forget about the Amenities & Facilities?


A luxurious project without the presence of facilities and amenities is precisely useless. These two factors add to the credibility of a project, thereby compelling the potential buyers to invest in a residential complex. And Alcove Regency is the clear winner in this regard. It comes with amenities and facilities like - 


●    A swimming pool
●    A hi-tech gym
●    A community hall
●    An indoor games room
●    An audio-visual intercom system
●    24/7 CCTV surveillance
●    Fire safety and firefighting management
●    Security and maintenance, etc. 


Hence, what can you deduce from the given information? Obviously, Alcove Regency is the best project in EM Bypass to provide you with a lifestyle for was a dream for you until now. With class apart features under one roof within an attractive price range, this residential complex near EM Bypass, Kolkata will elevate your lifestyle from the present one by leaps and bounds to meet your needs. Hence, get your dream apartment today as a few apartments are left unsold!

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