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Under the leadership of Shri Amar Nath Shroff, Alcove Realty is one of the most successful brands in the realm of real estate in Eastern India. Its prosperity spreads across 35 completed projects encompassing over 10 million sq. ft. Renowned for its excellence in design and facilities, one can see Alcove’s projects in various parts of the city.




Alcove Realty is mainly credited for its ability to cater to all classes of society without missing its signature of grandeur. Ranging from affordable to luxury flats in Kolkata, these builders create residential projects for specific segments of the population. Whether they belong to high or low-income groups, all classes have an equal opportunity to pursue a higher standard of life.


Alcove Realty also collaborates with highly acclaimed architects and professionals with regard to its construction work. Keeping design and layouts in mind, it also follows the practices of green living through several of its projects. Embodying the concept of a green building, most of Alcove’s upcoming residential projects in Kolkata possess and IGBC rating.


Alcove’s reasons for widespread popularity can be seen through the features of its various projects as well as through its amenities. The locations are specifically chosen so as to provide ease in terms of daily commute. Similarly, it is easy to avail educational and healthcare facilities in the vicinity. As a whole, Alcove aims at creating elegant homes that incorporate the values of comfort and convenience.


Are You Searching for Any EM Bypass Residential Projects?


The EM Bypass is one of the most desirable living areas in Kolkata. This is because it connects one to various parts of the city through the Maa flyover. Moreover, it also houses notable shopping malls and educational institutions. Alcove Realty has also targeted this region in order to infuse these advantages with their upcoming residential projects in Kolkata.



Flora Fountain stands as the emblem of luxury in the EM Bypass region. Equipped with a splendid set of amenities, its apartments are 3 to 4 sides open with vast open spaces. Furthermore, Flora Fountain, Kolkata is an IGBC pre-certified green building with a Gold-level rating. With eco-friendly features on deck, expect the epitome of lavish living mixed with the essence of nature.


Flora Fountain – The Perfect Example of Luxury Flats in Kolkata




Luxury is broadly defined as a ‘state of great comfort or elegance’. In the context of Flora Fountain, you will find nothing less than this. Spreading across approx. 4 acres of land area, these apartments are aided by 26,800 sq. ft. of waterbodies with fountains and 34,500 sq. ft. of greenery. Embellished by a swimming pool of 5 types, it is the quintessential destination to build a new home.


That being said, let’s see what makes it the ideal choice of home.


Wide Range of Modern Amenities:


Often seen as a means to woo potential buyers, the amenities stand out as the highlight of residential projects. In that regard, Flora Fountain, Kolkata contains an exquisite selection of amenities. With swimming pools, indoor games arena, air-conditioned lounge and so much more, be a part of something as unique as you.



Here is the list of amenities that one can find at Flora Fountain:


·         Swimming pool as well as a kids’ pool
·         Air-conditioned community halls with party lawn
·         Air-conditioned spaces for children’s indoor and outdoor activities
·         Air-conditioned home theatre
·         Air-conditioned spaces for yoga and meditation
·         Gym and jogging track
·         Multipurpose hall for karaoke, dancing, etc.
·         Library and studying space
·         Sitting room for senior citizens


Beneficial Location for Residents:


You can always add to the desired amenities of your choice. Even better, you can possess the best amenities from the best upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. However, you cannot change the location of your residence. Overlooking this factor could lead to problems in the long run. Often underrated, the location factor is a vital component of a perfect home.



Here are the benefits of Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in EM Bypass:


●    Entertainment Zones: 
 Science City, Nicco Park, and Quest Mall
●    Health Care Facilities: 
 Fortis, Ruby, AMRI (Salt Lake), and Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital
●    Educational Institutions: 
 Don Bosco, Mahadevi Birla, Lady Brabourne, Modern High and Loreto (Entally)


Expert Transportation Options for Commute:


As travel is a part of everyday life, it is important to have a clear idea of the routes and mediums to employ. Flora Fountain, Kolkata offers convenience in this field owing to its proximity to the various regions of the city. Furthermore, one can also travel using various mediums from these residential apartments.


Here are some of the transportation advantages it presents for residents:


·         Proximity to Maa flyover for hassle-free travel
·         Easy access to the NSC Bose Airport
·         Sealdah Railway Station to commute via rail
·         Upcoming Garia to Airport metro link


Superior Standards of Apartments:


Posing excellence in planning and structure, each of Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in Kolkata facilitates a higher standard of living. Each flat functions to let a maximum amount of sunlight and fresh air inside, being 3 to 4 sides open. All apartments come with fully furnished with contemporary design and spacious interiors for a happier and healthier space.



With a total of 336 flats, you can find the following categories:





Carpet Area: 560 – 562 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 899 – 901 sq. ft.

2 bedrooms. 2 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony and open terrace, 1 living room and 1 dining room




Carpet Area: 726 – 865 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 1126 – 1381 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms. 2 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony and open terrace, 1 living room and 1 dining room




Carpet Area: 1214 – 1215 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 1882 sq. ft.

4 bedrooms. 2 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony and open terrace, 1 living room and 1 dining room


All these culminate to make the ideal home in a highly developed region of the city. Fulfilling the required conditions of housing, Flora Fountain is by far the solution to the best luxury flats in Kolkata. If you desire a home nestled by the comforts of lavish living, a modern lifestyle awaits you in Flora Fountain.

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