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where to book flats in kolkata to live your luxury lifestyle?

Going by the trend, the Kolkata we are seeing now is way different than what it used to be 10 years back. The Kolkata of 2009 majorly lacked the presence of luxury residential projects and the available ones lacked the features to provide the individuals with a comfortable living. Fast forwarding the time and here we are in 2019, where the skyline of the city has changed to a large extent. In 2019, if you roam around the streets of the city, one of the most common things that you'll come across is the tall buildings and the change of the city skyline. Of course, that does not mean that the city has lost its soul and the cultural charm as these two elements define the city. It is the meticulous work of the new age real estate builders who have upgraded the city skyline by blending it seamlessly with the city's unique charm. A paradise for the foodies, a hub of artists, a birthplace of iconic personalities and a new destination of luxury apartments, Kolkata has everything to provide the individuals with a robust lifestyle.


Speaking of luxury flats in Kolkata, what are your expectations from a premium residential project? Of course, the presence of class apart facilities and amenities, apartments with luxury features, great location backed up by good connectivity and commercial facilities. Hence, understanding the demands of the individuals in this modern world from a residential project, the real estate brands are coming up with luxury flats in Kolkata.


So, Where to look for Luxury Flats in Kolkata?


Anywhere and everywhere! Every part of Kolkata is brimming with luxury apartments which clearly marks the development of the city. Wherever you go, be it south, north or central Kolkata, every corner of the city is coming up with modern residential projects. This time let us have a look at Topsia.




Are you already have a bad vibe hearing the name of Topsia? Worry not as the region will provide you luxury flats in Kolkata that will tune in with your modern form of living. In other words, Topsia is getting its dose of makeover with every passing day.


In this regard, let us check out Flora Fountain residential project which are a sheer reflection of opulence. It is an upcoming residential project with 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata, a recent venture by Alcove Realty and one of the very few projects to receive its Hira Registration No: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000050.


Perks of Checking Out Flora Fountain


Superior Apartments: Individuals who are seeking for spacious luxury flats in Kolkata, Flora Fountain is your answer. The project is bequeathed with 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata with plush features at every corner. The apartments are well-ventilated that will provide the future residents with a comfortable form of living. Furthermore, to take the 'game of apartments' a notch up, the project comes with two types of 2BHK apartments, four types of 3BHK flats in Kolkata and two types of 4BHK apartments so that individuals can choose their dream apartment based on their requirements and pocket permits.




Strategic Location: Flora Fountain comes is cleverly placed to bring EM Bypass close to the project.  With its position at the heart of the city, one travel to any part of the city via different modes of transportation. Also treat yourself with facilities like schools, hospitals, entertainment zones, etc. which encircles Flora Fountain.



Best-in-Class Facilities & Amenities: A luxurious residential project lacking modern facilities and amenities does justify the name- luxury project.   However, Flora Fountain justifies this name royally. These luxury flats in Kolkata consists of amenities and facilities like:



●    Swimming pool with poolside deck
●    Multipurpose hall for any activity
●    Hitech gym with changing room and lockers
●    A jogging track
●    A children’s play area
●    Car parking across three levels
●    A 24/7 CCTV surveillance with an audio-visual intercom system. 
●    Water filtration facility
●    Rainwater harvesting
●    Wi-fi facility, etc. 


Last but not least, this upcoming residential project in Kolkata comes with pre-certified GOLD rated building by the IGBC. This bestows the project with green buildings to provide a better living environment and is outfitted with a number of facilities to encourage future residents in leading a lifestyle that takes care of health and hygiene quotient. Let happiness flow in your lifestyle seamlessly with Flora Fountain project with luxury flats in Kolkata.

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