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why choose alcove regency? [property near em bypass]

The EM Bypass location stands as a fruitful location to build a home in Kolkata. With projects such as Alcove Regency and Flora Fountain in the region, this area has gained a huge amount of attention from homebuyers as a well-developed residential area. This is due to the benefits of the nearby location that ranges from its strategic positioning to its usefulness in daily commute.


Furthermore, the quality of the project themselves stands out from other projects in the city.

Being one of the EM Bypass residential projects, Regency embodies a flawless mix of elements that are designed to cater to a life of luxury. Along with its productive location, one can find the utmost convenience to daily life through several of its facilities.


Residents also have the presence of a gym and swimming pool apart from the living spaces.

This residential project spans over a land area of roughly 70 Cottahs. With no compromise on quality, one can find spacious interiors embellished by well-crafted layouts and floor plans. Moreover, its flats near EM Bypass, Science City assure a high-end lifestyle at one of the top residential projects in Kolkata.


Those seeking to upgrade their standard of living in totality will find a tailormade home at Alcove Regency with its 3 and 4 BHK category of apartments in the city.


Alcove Realty’s Residential Complex in EM Bypass, Kolkata




These esteemed developers are known for their unwavering resolution towards building flawless homes. Infusing both price and quality in their work, their residential projects reach out to several sections of society while benefitting the lives of all that they touch. Creating new standards and benchmarks, they are known for their dedicated approach towards the creation of residential property.


With regards to this, Alcove Regency strives to enhance the life of its residents by use of its features and advantages. Using only top-quality construction materials and high-quality designs and fittings, expect to be greeted by spectacular interiors. These twin towers possess ample amounts of space for a peaceful coexistence of family members. At the same time, you can also find cool and airy spaces for a refreshing outdoor experience while still in your comfort zone.


Features of Alcove Regency’s Apartments near Science City



Regency possesses a few features that set it apart as a residential complex in Kolkata. This can be seen through the following:


Apartments: Aiming to provide the essence of grandeur, its flats near EM Bypass, Science City display a higher calibre of homes to homebuyers. Decorated by posh colour schemes and modern décor and fittings, each apartment comes in a 3 and 4 BHK structure. Here are the following specifications:



3BHK + 2T:

Built-up area: 1175 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 1527 sq. ft.


3BHK + 3T:

Built-up area: 1527 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 1985 sq. ft.


4BHK + 3T:

Built-up area: 1886 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 2452 sq. ft.


 4BHK + 3T:

Built-up area: 1942 sq. ft.

Super built-up area: 2524 sq. ft.


Transport: Choosing the location of EM Bypass residential projects possess a huge set of transport advantages. This can be seen due to its proximity to the Maa flyover, a medium through which one can find effortless means of commute to parts of the city. Moreover, it also boasts good connectivity throughout the city owing to its central based location. Thus, residents can find:


●    Easy access to the NSC Bose Airport

●    Good connectivity over rail and road

●    Proximity to the Maa flyover

●    Upcoming Garia to Airport metro

Location: Alcove Regency is renowned as a well-developed residential area due to its location benefits. A good selection of schools, colleges, entertainment centres, restaurants, medical centres, etc. awaits its residents. Apart from that, its nearness to Tangra allows one to experience the taste of mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Thus, its flats near EM Bypass, Science City host the following:



●    Educational Institutions: Don Bosco, Mahadevi Birla, Lady Brabourne, Modern High

●    Business Centres: ITC Sonar, JW Marriott, Salt Lake Sector V, Park Street

●    Entertainment Zones: Science City, Nicco Park, Nalban, Quest Mall, Carnival Cinemas

●    Health Care Facilities: Fortis, Desun, Ruby, AMRI (Salt Lake), Columbia Asia

Amenities: All residential projects have an attractive display of amenities as an added benefit. With regards to this EM Bypass residential project, the amenities that are offered reflect the residents’ high standard of living. Boasting of a swimming pool, gym, indoor games room, community hall, etc., one can easily find their means of leisure with these apartments.


Combining the location of the EM Bypass with the affluent status of Alcove Realty, one can find Alcove Regency as a suitable choice of residence. It is built to offer convenience and ease along with all the necessary provisions that support it. With an advantageous approach to living, Regency facilitates the lifestyle of dreams through its various spaces and facilities.

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